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The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box at Box Butte General Hospital provides three meals a day to inpatients and other extended-stay patients throughout the hospital. 除此之外,《IM电竞App官网》还参与了 Meals on Wheels 在志愿者的帮助下进行项目, 还为员工和访客提供每日午餐选择! 送餐计划的目的是提供温暖, nutritious meals to persons in Alliance who are shut in at home or physically unable to obtain food or prepare it for themselves. 还提供治疗餐, 根据初级保健提供者的指示进行饮食需求. 如有需要,膳食由社区志愿者或医院员工提供.

How to get signed up for Meals on Wheels:
If a recipient is interested in receiving delivered meals paid for by the Department of Health and Human Services the recipient must first 填写长者及残疾人士社会服务计划申请表. 这可以通过1-800-383-4278联系Access Nebraska来完成, by going to a local office, or by going online to to complete an application. 一旦申请获得,工作人员将联系收件人以确定资格. 如果确定申请人确实符合资格, 然后将为收件人创建授权,以便开始接收送餐. 

Meals on Wheels Volunteers
随时欢迎志愿者为参与该计划的居民提供膳食. 以下是志愿者的期望:
饭菜准备好了,早上11点在BBGH厨房领取.m.,最容易进入的是正门. 饮食工作人员会将餐食放入冷藏箱中,并将另一托盘的冷食装入, both onto a cart, 志愿者将把哪个轮子推到他或她的车上. 装载车辆后,推车被放在一边,远离入口. 当志愿者送完东西回来, they are asked return the cart, cooler and tray to the kitchen.

Please contact  308.762.4357 Ext. 3360 to inquire how you can help deliver warm, nourishing meals to residents needing this service.