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2022 Employee Recognition Event

IM电竞App官网为所有在2022年获得月度最佳员工的员工庆祝,这是具有里程碑意义的一年! See the image gallery below and list of employees who hit a milestone year. 

2022 Employee of the Month

January                                Kim Morrow - Controller, Finance

February                              Cassidy Hoffmann - RN, Occupational Health

March                                   Kate Horton - RN, Emergency Room

April                                       NA

May                                       Mandy Yearling - LPN, GNMSS

June                                      NA

July                                        Amber Benge - Med Aide, GNMSS

August                                  Shantel Lurz - RN, Patient Care Unit                         

September                         Rebecca Standage - LPN, GNMSS             

October                               Gail Burke - Accreditation Specialist, Quality

November                          Diana Lauder - RN, GNMSS

December                           Delinda Neville - Rehab Aide/Activities Coordinator, Rehab


2022 Service Awards

5 Years:

Della Jairell                          (Absent)

Laura Bishop                      (Absent)

Samantha Daugherty      (Absent)

Jim Bargen

Heather Taylor                 (Absent)

Melissa Schoenemann                  

Sarah Casados                  

Ashley Bolinger                 (Absent)

Jared Carter                        (Absent)

Ashley Johnson                 (Absent)

Courtney Johnson           (Absent)

Kaitlyn Kumpf                    (Absent)

Mariah Bell                         (Absent)

Amber McElroy                 (Absent)

Cassandra Requejo         (Absent)

Kindrea Abbott                 (Absent)

Mindy Pfannenstiel         (Absent)

Ashley Peterson                               (Absent)

Shae Goehring


10 Years:                                            

Heather Conyers              (Absent)

Lisa Burri

Christy Leonard

Beth Garcia                        

Susan Reading-Martin    (Absent)

Lori Fields

Abby Grosse-Rhode        (Absent)

Angie Valdez

Jenni Johnson

Shelby Brogan                   (Absent)

Dede Deveny


15 Years:                                            

Pam Letcher                       (Absent)             

Tara Watt                            (Absent)

Jerre Mount                       (Absent)

Catherine Mckee             (Absent)

Brandi Hancock


20 Years:                                            

Claudia Olafson

 Lisa Hillyer                           (Absent)


30 Years:                                           

Larry Steele                        (Absent)


35 Years:                                            

Jan Loomis


45 Years:                                            

Sharon Sulzbach               (Absent)